Vixol IQ Tyre Lube, Wax, Soap, Mounting Paste – 4.0KG White

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  • Very Slippery
  • No mixing or water required.
  • Dries tacky.
  • Inhibits rust.
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Vixol IQ Tyre Lube, Wax, Soap, Mounting Paste


It is designed for the tyre fitting trade and is a soft, wet compound that lubricates the bead of a tyre to help seat the bead of the tyre to the rim. It is a white paste and has a long shelf life as well as after being opened. Ensure for maximum lifespan keep the lid on while it is not being used. This particular lubricating compound also has a built-in rust inhibitor to protect the rims it comes in contact with. If over time the compound begins to lose any moisture or lubrication, just pour one small cup of water to bring it back to its original state!

Tyre Paste

At ProDepot, we provide top-quality products to facilitate smooth and secure tyre installation. Our range of tyre paste makes the mounting process easier, prevents damage and ensures optimal performance of your tyres. Our tyre paste has a high-viscosity formulation, ensuring even coverage and preventing slippage during installation. This feature is crucial for maintaining the correct position of the tyre on the rim. The paste is safe for all types of rims and tyres, preventing corrosion and damage. This non-corrosive nature extends the life of both the tyre and the rim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using tyre mounting paste offers several advantages: a. Ease of installation: Tyre paste reduces friction, making it easier to slide the tyre onto the rim and seat the bead properly. b. Damage prevention: The tyre paste minimises the risk of damaging these components during mounting or dismounting by lubricating the tyre bead and rim. c. Improved seal: Tyre paste helps create an airtight seal between the tyre and rim, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring proper inflation. d. Extended tyre life: By preventing damage during mounting and dismounting, tyre paste can help extend the life of your tyres. 

To apply tyre mounting lube, follow these steps: a. Clean the tyre bead and rim: Remove any dirt, rust or debris from the tyre bead and rim to ensure a clean surface for the lube. b. Apply the lube: Use a brush or applicator to apply a thin, even coat of tyre mounting lube to the tyre bead and rim. Be sure to cover the entire circumference. c. Mount the tyre: Immediately after applying the lube, mount the tyre onto the rim. The lube will help the tyre slide into place and seat properly. d. Clean up excess lube: Once the tyre is mounted, wipe off any excess lube from the tyre and rim to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the surface.

While using other lubricants like soapy water, silicone spray, or grease may be tempting, it is not recommended. These substances can damage the tyre, rim or TPMS sensors, and they may not provide the same level of lubrication and protection as a dedicated tyre mounting paste. Tyre paste is specifically formulated to be safe and effective for tyre mounting and dismounting, so it's always best to use the proper product for the job. 

Vixol IQ Tyre Lube, Wax, Soap, Mounting Paste - 4.0KG White

Very Slippery

No mixing or water required

Dries tacky

Inhibits rust